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A Day Trip Around Rice University

Walking through the campus of Rice University in Houston Texas, one is greeted by the random sound of an owl. Along with the occasional owl sound, visitors are also met by the a beautifully designed property filled with perfectly manicured walkways and a never ending building variety. Unlike many schools, Rice does not conform to a specific building norm. The structures incorporate the use of many design esthetics, from the Byzantine ornamental elements on the corners of the brick wall of the Baker Institute, to the first-of-its-kind Brockton Hall. Exploring the campus is a wonderful day trip, where you will encounter architectural treasures and welcoming grounds.

Rice University is located in Houston, Texas adjacent to the Texas Medical Center which we will visit at a later time. The university was established as a research facility after the death of William Marshall Rice a local Houston businessman.

One of the most beautiful buildings found on campus is the Alice Pratt Brown hall, a 120,000 square foot education and performing arts complex which was designed by Roberto Bofil.

Rice University opened its doors in 1912.

The school sits on 300 acres of land.

School mascot is the Owl.

Further in our walk through the campus, we come across the Moody Center for the Arts. The center is a state of the art facility design by LA based Architect Michael Maltzan. The structure was completed in 2017 at a cost of $30MM and covers a 50,000 square feet footprint.

  • The building’s first level is a floor to ceiling glass box allowing for an openness feeling.
  • The second level combines a brick and glass facade which in sections cantilevers creating protected lower level walkways.
  • Thee large lanterns light up the building with two incorporating a “Starburst” support column design.

The interior contains a 150 seat performing arts theater along with, workshop studios, galleries, a library, coffee shop and many other classrooms, administrative offices and student lounge areas.

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